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About Costanzo Capital

Costanzo Capital pursues investment opportunities in private companies and alternative investment vehicles that feature attractive risk profiles with high upside potential.

Often, in collaboration with Costanzo Marketing Group, we seek value-added opportunities in private companies to enhance revenue and profit growth while expanding the brand footprint and positioning for exit or holding as a portfolio company indefinitely

Investments and Industries Include:
  • Real Estate
  • ​Private Lending
  • E-commerce
  • ​​Satellite Launch Technology
  • ​Craft Beer & Wine
  • ​Marketing Agencies
Brad Costanzo, Managing Director

Founded by Brad Costanzo after the exit of his publishing business in 2012, Brad brings his innovative spirit and eye for opportunity as the driving force behind the firm.

Brad's spans investment advisory with Prudential Investments, having completed his Certified Investment Management Analyst designation at The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania before founding Costanzo Marketing Group. 

He lives in San Diego, California with his wife.

Most Recent Investments Include:


300 Acre wellness retreat located in the heart of Valle De Guadalupe, Mexico and catering to high end but accessible tourism demand centered around eco-sustainability.

Fenix Space

NASA named Fenix Space's technology as officially "Game Changing" and set to revolutionize the way we launch satellites into space. Currently in development, this represents the first investment into space technology and one of Costanzo Capital's most exciting opportunities.

CBD Capital Group

The white hot CBD market is fragmented and CBD Capital Group is spearheading an innovative rolliup strategy of profitable and growing CBD consumer brands, providing expertise, advisory, liquidity and the potential for exit in the near future. 

Homebrew Academy (Recently Exited)

As a leading media property serving the growing craft beer market, Homebrew Academy was a strategic value-add acquisition which has grown substantially since acquired.  Craft Brew Society was subsequently spun-off and merged with My Wine Society to continue it's growth.


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